Product managers face challenges in improving usability


User struggle to navigate feature overloaded Apps


Feature accessibility Limited by Screen real estate


No easy way to guide users across a system

User onboarding is critical to successful adoption - Ease of use determines success or complete failure
New feature adoption is an issue: Slow ‘time to productivity’ for new users leads to frustration
Change management issues: Even ‘usability improvements’ create frustration for existing users

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are elegant solutions for these issues

Digital Adoption Solutions Capabilities Increase Engagement and Productivity

Machine Learning and NLP can transform DAPs to Digital Agents

“zero interface computing” and Natural Language Processing lead to a frictionless human-to-machine experience

Introducing Nistapp Digital Assistant plug-n-play Solution

Digital Concierges are the next iteration of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs)

UDAN (Subscription version) Other Digital Adoption Platform
Crowdsourced knowledge Out of the Box None
Self Learning, understand intent Advanced ML Rudimentary
Multilingual and auto translation Out of the Box None
Auto-censoring and profanity detection Out of the Box None
Autonomous maintenance Yes None (Manual)
Open Source Core No strings attached, Fully usable open source project/code on github Complete vendor lock-in

Deploy UDAN today to supercharge your software usage

Deeper usage and Better span: Better adoption of existing and new features

Immediate adoption

Stellar ROI:
Lower training costs, Lower support costs

Analytics on user navigations

Continuous Evolution: Erase Change management, Better micro-learning (Learning in the flow)

Organisation wide launch can be accomplished in weeks